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| Damascus Court
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Damascus Court

Ill Commandress  Dt. Yolanda Johnson
1st Lt Dt. Bobbie Powell-Golder
2nd Lt Dt.  Nikka Brown- Young
Ill Treasure Dt. Justina Johnson
Ill Recordress Dt. Nadine Johnson
High Priest Dt.Teri Reed
Oriental Guide Dt. LaShonda Baker
1st ceremonial Dt. Ericka Cooper
2nd ceremonial  Dt. Joyce Cunningham
Inside Spy Dt. Nicole Hartman
Outside Spy  Dt. Kym Bush Marshall
Marshall Dt. Denise McCoy
Asst. Recordress Dt. Belinda Stokes
Dt. Vanessa Moore
Ill Advisor  Noble Jeffrey Johnson

POC   Dt. Nadine Johnson Recordess
Meeting nights  3rd Thursday of each month at the

Parkland Masonic Temple
1304 S 28th Street
Louisville, KY. 40211